Morgane Lainard

Game Design


Morgane is one of our game designers, specialized in serious games. She’ll know how to best transform learning messages into gameplay. She’s also a specialist in UX.


Ailys, DameAilys

Track Record

  • LudoMedic Chimotherapie (Game & Level & Sound Design)
  • Aviateur (UX counseling)
  • French Kiss (UX)
  • My Baby Online (Game Design, UX, Balancing, Team management, QA)
  • Backstage (Game Design, Quest design, UX, QA, Team management)
  • Game 4 Job (additionnal Game Design, QA)
  • 12 serious games for GSK Learning Center (Concept, Game & Level & Sound Design, QA, Team management)
  • Lumine (Concept, Game & Level & Sound Design, UX, QA)
  • Snowpark Challenge (Concept)
  • Make It Serious (UX, Game Design)
  • Game Of Flows (Concept, Game Design, UX, QA)
  • Junk Food Monsters (Game Design, Level Design, Balancing)
  • À la poursuite de l’Égalité (game & narrative & level & sound design)
  • Ecoactif (game & level & sound design)
  • Dead in Vinland (additional narrative design)


  • Diploma of Higher Education in Multimedia, Networks and Communication
  • Bachelor’s degree in Game Design (Design and Coordination of Video Games)

Favorite Games

Dragon Age saga, The Legend of Zelda saga, The Elder Scrolls saga, Final Fantasy 6,7,9,14, Journey, Pokemon saga, The Banner Saga, Portal, Hakuouki, The Wolf Among us, Monkey Island, Professor Layton saga, Ace Attorney saga.


Serious game concept
Narrative Design
UX Design
Making Drag'n'drop with Playmaker
Role Playing