To be released in 2020


The Last Spell is a fast-paced tactical RPG with a rogue-lite structure in which you lead a group of hardened warriors to desperately defend the last bastion of humankind against hordes of bloodthirsty monsters.The game is set to be released in 2020.

It is a brand new IP from CCCP. It’s a tactical RPG with roguelite elements about a group of heroes trying to save the world, against all odds.

The game was funded by Pictanovo, CNC, and Région Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Check the website to see more information about the game!


  • Turn-based strategy

  • Protect and rebuild the last Haven of earth

  • Fast-paced and arcade feel during battles

  • Pixel art and fantasy setting

  • Roguelite

  • Procedurally generated characters, items and enemy waves

  • Classless level-up system

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