Games released between 2006 and 2010

Flash games


Over the years, we made quite a few little flash games between contract work, and released them on arcade websites. We tried many genres, we had a great time doing these little games.

The Sound Walk: A rythm game in a strange atmosphere and with cool music we made ourselves.

Fly Me To The Moon: a little physics based platform game with Super Mouse who want to reach the Cheese Moon.

Pirate Puzzler: Physics based puzzle game, Angry Birds-like, but a few years before Angry Birds 😉

Whac-a-Gob: whack-a-mole concept with a dwarf smashing the heads of nasty gobelins. With some RPG elements.

Bubble Dressup: play a bubble popper kind of game, and earn coins to buy new clothes for your little cute avatar.

Bestioles: submarine shooter with physics and weird fishes.

Astrae Bellum: light strategy game in the stars!

And many more…


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