Who we are

CCCP is a French game dev studio with more than 14 years of experience in both indie games and serious games

We mostly work with Unity and are able to reach multi-support (PC/MAC/Mobile/Consoles)

We are mainly known for our Dead In... franchiseA series of survival management games with RPG and adventure elements., but we are available to work-for-hire contracts, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

What we are good at

Game Design
2D Games

Our philosophy

Our main focus right now is to make challenging RPG and management games that we want to play ourselves. We love premium, solo games that give the player good value for what they paid for.

We are looking for



We want to make quirky games with a lot of depth, starting with low-scale games with great production value, and slowly building on each iteration to someday reach big budget projects.

Dead In Vinland is a survival management game with RPG and adventure elements developed by a small team of 6 indie vikings, and was released on April 12th 2018 on PC / MAC. The game was also released in a “True Viking Edition” with all the DLCs included on Nintendo Switch on July 11th 2019.
It’s the sequel/prequel/spin-off to Dead In Bermuda, our first game released in 2015, built on the same core principles but expanded in every way!

Games we made along the years… You’ll notice a slight progression since the beginnings 😉 And that we tried a bit of everything: from casual puzzle games, to flash, arcade games, to free-to-play social games, to mobile games, to core gamers Steam games.

The Last Spell

A turn-based tactical RPG where you defend the last bastion of humanity. (PC/Switch)

Dead In Vinland

The fight for survival of a viking family exiled on a faraway land. (PC)


The poetic journey of a little penguin lost in a world of ice and confusion. (PC / Mobile)

Dead In Bermuda

Lead a team of 8 survivors from a plane crash on a strange island. (PC / Mobile)

Hospital Manager

A casual hospital management game with crazy diseases! (PC / Mobile)

My Baby Online

Take care of your virtual babies in this free to play game! (Web)

Flash Games

A dozen of arcade games made with Flash. (Online)

This is our core, permanent team, but we can expand it when the need arises.

Matthieu Richez

CEO / Game Designer

Since 2005 (Founder)

Frédéric Forest

Commercial Director

Since 2005 (Founder)

Christophe Gey

Game Designer

Since 2005 (Founder)

Nicolas Mutel


Since 2011

Frédéric Durey


Since 2011

Jacinthe Julie-Suzanne

Game Artist

Since 2011

Morgane Lainard

Game Designer

Since 2011

Thomas Pattou


Since 2013

Jordy Embun


Since 2016

Jacques Dedeken

Game Artist

Since 2016

Manon Bertin

Game Artist

Since 2017

Bruno Laverny

Communications officer

Since 2018

Gabriel Charry


Since 2018

Benjamin Coquelle

Producer/Game Designer

Since 2019

Mathieu Bédu


Since 2019

If you are looking for an experienced game dev studio, are looking for a job, or have a question about one of our games.

Or just want to say hi!

Contact info

CCCP, 99A Boulevard Descat – bureau 201 – 59200 Tourcoing FRANCE

Phone number:
+33 (0)3 66 72 44 09


We are open:
Monday – Friday 9.30 AM – 6 PM

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